Does an endless stream of worries run through your mind? Are you nervous that you’re going to make a mistake or look like a fool in front of others? Perhaps you’re using ineffective ways to manage the stress or overwhelm you’re feeling.

There are a number of different ways anxiety could be affecting your life. Whether you’re dealing with fears around social settings, work stress or trouble dating you can discover the cause of your anxiety and find tools to make your life easier.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can make it difficult to meet new people and find the connections you’re longing for. When you’re faced with a new social situation does your pulse race?  Is your stomach upset? Are you busy imagining all of the ways you’ll make yourself look stupid?

You can increase your confidence, learn tools to manage your fears and enjoy social situations again.

Work Stress

Have you recently made a career transition that is keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re considering a big change or feeling stuck in a work situation that feels unfulfilling.

By quieting down the fear and worry, you can create space to relieve your stress and find a new path forward.

Dating Anxiety

You’ve tried the apps and dating websites. It’s hard for you to put yourself out there and you want to feel more confident and less unsure of yourself.

By coming to know more about your feelings and hang-ups you can work through the roadblocks and have the meaningful connections you’re longing for.

Regardless of the type of stress, worry or fear you’re facing, we can work together to better understand the cause and effect nature of your unique life challenge and find a solution that will bring you the relief you’re ready for.

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