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5 Tips to Help You Avoid Being a Drunken Mess at Pride

Pride is an exciting and important time for the LGBTQQI community. However, if you’re someone who is trying to limit or avoid substance use, Pride can also be a very triggering time. June is jam packed with Pride events in San Francisco. Capitalizing on the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, this year promises…

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LMFT- What is a LMFT?

When looking to find a therapist or couples counselor there are a number of different licensed professionals you may encounter. Each credential comes with slightly different training and expertise. For example, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) typically has more training in case management and resourcing and a Psychologist (PhD) can usually perform psychological testing.…

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Same-Sex Marriage is Legal in Taiwan and Gay Men are Still Depressed

Same-Sex marriage became legal in Taiwan on May 24, 2017. Taiwan is the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage and that should be celebrated for the huge victory that it is. What does this really mean for LGBTQ individuals? How does the debate on same-sex marriage affect the mental health of our community? Same-sex…

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Telling Your Partner About an STD

Telling a sex partner that you have a sexually transmitted disease(STD) or infection(STI) can be a challenging task. Despite the social progress that has been made in the last several years, one would hardly describe the United States as a sex positive culture. Sex Positive What do I mean by sex positive?  The Women and…

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