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A Tough Question I Ask All Couples

Starting couples therapy can be a scary and overwhelming experience. If you’re considering see a couples therapist, chances are you’re already experiencing stress at home and something has gone astray in your relationship. Objectives of Couples Therapy One of the most important objectives of couples work is to try and get everyone back on the…

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The Power of Group Therapy for Men

Group therapy can be a powerful experience. After leading and co-leading therapy groups for a couple of years, I attended the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s annual conference this year. At the conference I had the opportunity to switch roles and be a participant in various workshop groups over the course of the week. I learned…

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I’m a Gay Man with Social Anxiety

I’m a gay man with social anxiety. I have to psych myself up before I go into meetings, networking events or parties. I desperately want to feel more connected, but I don’t know where to begin. Sound familiar? As a therapist who works mostly with the LGBTQQI community, this is something I hear all the…

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How do I ask my partner to stop being so annoying?

Can you ask your partner to change? Yes. Should you ask your partner to change? That’s more complicated. When you’re in a close relationship with another person, chances are you’re spending more time together and getting to know the ins and outs of each other’s personalities. This can be a wonderful and exciting time! It…

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Starting counseling is hard

Starting Therapy is Hard

Starting therapy can be a challenging thing.  I remember how difficult it was the first time I called a therapist for help.  No matter how hard I tried, the chore kept making its way to the bottom of my to-do list. My first time in therapy, I was naive. Like with most things, I learned…

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