relationship communication problems

How to address communication problems in your relationship

When people call to seek couples counseling, they often say that communication problems are their number one concern. Communication problems can mean a variety of different things and we’ll explore a few common types here. Typically, a communication breakdown is one of two things. You and your partner have stopped talking about important things all…

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Dealing with anger as a man

How can I deal with my anger better as a man?

As men, we’re often taught that anger is one of the few emotions we can openly express without threatening our masculinity. Think about the messages, boys don’t cry and men should be strong and stoic. As men, it’s crucial that we learn to have our full spectrum of emotions. Joy, sadness, love, fear. But anger…

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how to make gay friends in san francisco

How to make gay friends in San Francisco

Are you looking to make gay friends in San Francisco? Picture this. You’re feeling lonely so you decide to head out to a gay bar in the Castro by yourself. You walk in, get a drink and instantly it feels like the entire bar is silently judging you. Have you been there? I have. It…

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rebuild trust after betrayal

Is it possible to rebuild trust after betrayal?

The short answer is, yes. It is possible to rebuild trust after betrayal. If you’re able to move through the pain there is the possibility that your relationship can be even stronger than it was in the past. It won’t be easy. It will take time, hard work and vulnerability, but there is hope. What…

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why do men hide their feelings

Why do men hide their feelings?

Why do men hide their feelings? Feelings are tough.  There are gender stereotypes around expressing emotions.  And we don’t teach men how to express their feelings in productive ways. But let’s start at the beginning. What is a feeling? Feelings are words used to help describe our internal world. They are small, powerful words that…

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