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3 life hacks to improve communication in your relationship

If you’ve even been in a couple, you’ve probably looked for ways to improve communication in your relationship. Communication problems can arise in relationships around sex, money, the kids or the dishes. Without support, sometimes those seemingly simple problems can turn into deadlocked standoffs or cycles of endless arguments. Improve communication in your relationship Luckily,…

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drinking and partying too much

I’m a gay man who may be drinking or partying too much

Do you ever think, I may be drinking or partying too much? Maybe things are out of balance in your life. You still make it to work on time, pay your bills, but you don’t feel as connected with friends and loved ones as you once did. Drinking or partying too much The label addict…

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Save your relationship- Tom Bruett Therapy

One thing you can do to save your relationship

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for something that can help save your relationship. John Gottman and others have done research that show couples often come into counseling 5-7 years too late. Meaning, they are already entrenched in their destructive patterns and each fight keeps reinforcing the painful cycle. Save your relationship In order…

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gay men can love their bodies- Tom Bruett Therapy

Gay men can love their bodies

Gay men can love their bodies, but it can be a challenge.   How often have you personally thought or heard others say negative things about how they look? “Seeing myself naked is terrible. My pecs aren’t big enough.   I wish I was taller.” Through media images and messages we’re told that men should be strong,…

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Coming out was easy, therapy for gay men in San Francisco

Coming out was easy, but it’s still hard to be gay

Coming out was easy. My family was supportive. I wasn’t bullied as a kid. Yeah, maybe I’m still having some issues in my life, but it’s not because I’m gay. Thankfully, these are things that some younger gay men are saying more and more. It is becoming easier for some people to come out of…

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