How to be vulnerable as a gay man

How can I be more vulnerable as a gay man? (with some help from Brené Brown)

Being vulnerable is hard. As gay men, it can be especially challenging. Think about it, to be vulnerable you have to put your authentic self out there. As gay men, we’ve typically become experts at hiding parts of ourselves. Vulnerability Webster’s online dictionary states that when you’re vulnerable, you’re “capable of being physically or emotionally…

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ending the year with gratitude, authenticity and hope

How to end the year with gratitude, authenticity and hope

The end of the year can be a challenging time for many people. Anytime you mix family, alcohol and expectations you’re bound to have some disappointment. Chances are you’re reading this because you want some inspiration and you have an intention to move through the holiday season in a different way this year.  A better…

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therapy gay and sober

How can therapy be useful when you’re gay and sober?

Getting sober is a huge accomplishment. You’ve changed your relationship with drugs and alcohol and that will change your life in big and meaningful ways. However, the hard work doesn’t end once you’re sober. We often chose substance use as a way to self-medicate or cope with difficult life events. When changing your problematic substance…

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relationship communication problems

How to address communication problems in your relationship

When people call to seek couples counseling, they often say that communication problems are their number one concern. Communication problems can mean a variety of different things and we’ll explore a few common types here. Typically, a communication breakdown is one of two things. You and your partner have stopped talking about important things all…

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Dealing with anger as a man

How can I deal with my anger better as a man?

As men, we’re often taught that anger is one of the few emotions we can openly express without threatening our masculinity. Think about the messages, boys don’t cry and men should be strong and stoic. As men, it’s crucial that we learn to have our full spectrum of emotions. Joy, sadness, love, fear. But anger…

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