three pillars of a thriving relationship

3 pillars of a thriving relationship, according to Dr. Sue Johnson

Having a successful, thriving and intimate relationship with your partner doesn’t have to be a mystery.   3 pillars to a thriving relationship According to Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, there a three pillars that make up a thriving, fulfilling relationship.  Those pillars are Accessibility, Responsiveness and Engagement. What brings…

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healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have conflicted relationships with religion and spirituality.    Sadly, religion is still far to often used against us. Scriptures are interpreted as saying our “lifestyle choices” are sinful.  Around the world people are still being killed and tortured because of their sexual or gender identity. Yet many of us…

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How do I know if it’s time to leave my relationship?

As a couples therapist, I spend my days encouraging people to work on their relationships.  With support and hard work, it’s remarkable how much progress some couples can make. You can heal betrayal, improve communication and become better connected.   However, sometimes it’s not possible or healthy to remain in a relationship.  Sometimes it’s in…

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Is it bad I never fight with my partner couples therapy san francisco 94102

Is it bad I never fight with my partner?

Is it bad we never fight?  Well, here’s my unsatisfying therapist answer, it depends. It depends on a couple of things.  First and foremost, do you or your partner avoid conflict because it’s uncomfortable? If so, then that could be bad for your relationship in the long run. Being able to talk about conflict in…

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how to pick a good partner couples therapy gay men san francisco 94102

How to pick a good partner to build a life with

Picking a partner to build a life with is a big decision. In fact, many relationship problems can be avoided if we just learn to pick better partners for ourselves.  In our culture, we don’t often talk about what makes a good partner. Most of us make this decision blinded by attraction and lust. So,…

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