Therapy for Gay Men

As a gay therapist in San Francisco, I provide tools, tips and resources for those interested in therapy for gay men.  Some of the topics covered in this blog include open relationships, substance use, friendships, LGBTQ concerns, coming out, and making other gay friends.

I'm worried my sex life is out of control

Is my sex life out of control?

Sex is an important, natural and perfectly healthy part of life.  During sex, powerful endorphins are released and that’s one of the reasons it feels so good.  However, just like most things that make us feel good, sex can cross the line and be used in an unhealthy way.   Sex is natural Sex can sometimes…

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healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have conflicted relationships with religion and spirituality.    Sadly, religion is still far to often used against us. Scriptures are interpreted as saying our “lifestyle choices” are sinful.  Around the world people are still being killed and tortured because of their sexual or gender identity. Yet many of us…

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Social anxiety for gay men San Francisco 94102 gay therapist LGBTQ therapy

How does social anxiety affect gay men?

Picture this.  You’re about to go into a mixer for gays in technology.  You’re feeling lightheaded. Your hands are clammy.  Your pulse is racing faster and faster. Self-critical thoughts are running through your head at a rapid pace.  Once you’ve psyched yourself up enough to enter the room you make a beeline for the bar…

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I'm a gay man with trouble getting hard, performance issues for gay men San Francisco, 94102

I’m a gay man who has trouble getting or staying hard

It’s happens to all of us occasionally.  You’re in the heat of the moment and your equipment doesn’t work the way you want it to. It can be embarrassing, upsetting or cringeworthy. Sometimes having trouble maintaining an erection during sex can be called performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction (ED). Whatever you call it, it can…

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