Therapy for Gay Men

As a gay therapist in San Francisco, I provide tools, tips and resources for those interested in therapy for gay men.  Some of the topics covered in this blog include open relationships, substance use, friendships, LGBTQ concerns, coming out, and making other gay friends.

I'm a gay man with trouble getting hard, performance issues for gay men San Francisco, 94102

I’m a gay man who has trouble getting or staying hard

It’s happens to all of us occasionally.  You’re in the heat of the moment and your equipment doesn’t work the way you want it to. It can be embarrassing, upsetting or cringeworthy. Sometimes having trouble maintaining an erection during sex can be called performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction (ED). Whatever you call it, it can…

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gay men substance use San Francisco 94102

As a gay man, how can I change my substance use?

If you’re a gay man wanting to change your relationship with substances, there are many different resources available for you in San Francisco. There are programs based on moderation and others based on abstinence. It can be useful to first clarify what your unique goal is for changing your substance use. What substances am I…

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Improve your self-esteem as a gay man in San Francisco, therapy for gay men 94102

How to improve your self-esteem as a gay man

Many people struggle with self-esteem issues, especially those of us in the LGBTQ community.  That’s a generalization, of course, however there are mental health statistics that back up our struggle. As Andrew Tobias pointed out in his memoir The Best Little Boy in the World and Alan Downs explored in The Velvet Rage, being gay…

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Being gay affect mental health

How does being gay affect your mental health?

Being gay affects our mental health in a variety of ways.  Even if you had a Hallmark worthy coming out experience, were never bullied for your sexuality and have a supportive family, being gay is still hard.   Statistics Queer teens are four times as likely to commit suicide as their non-queer counterparts.  The rates…

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