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Are you a therapist, counselor or coach looking for individualized support working with couples and relationships?

You've come to the right place!  I feel passionately about helping therapists better understand where couples get stuck and helping you create movement in your trickiest cases.

The Bader/Pearson Developmental Model of Relationship Therapy

After spending years exploring many of the different relationship therapy models (EFT, Gottman, PACT) I can say without a doubt that Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson's Developmental Model of working with relationships is a game changer!

After completing years of their training program, I've joined their elite mentor program and am continuing to deepen my work with the model.

LGBTQ+ Relationships

As a gay man, I bring a unique perspective to helping therapists work with queer couples.  Understanding the developmental model and the work of differentiation will deepen your work with clients in a profound way.

Challenging Cases

Whether you're new to working with couples or highly experienced, it can be immensely helpful to have another voice in the room when you're working with a stuck relationship.

How does this work?

We can meet for a one off consultation or I can help you deepen your approach to working with relationships through an ongoing collaboration.

Whether you identify as queer and have a caseload full of queer couples or you identify as straight and have one gay male couple, I can help you deepen your own understanding of the developmental model from a queer perspective.

Start here...

Please reach out to learn more about how I can help you deepen your understanding of the developmental model from a queer perspective.

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