Couples Therapy

Heal the betrayal

A betrayal or breach of trust in your relationship can be devastating. The good news is that you can work through the pain and your relationship can come out stronger than ever.

Communication Problems

Are you having trouble communicating?

Do you feel lonely and isolated in your relationship?

I help couples navigate through those roadblocks that get in the way of intimacy and connection.

When the communication breaks down in your relationship, trust and closeness often disappear.

Let's talk about sex

Has your sex life become non-existent? Is it hard to talk openly about what you really desire?

Over time, sex can ebb and flow in any relationships. However, it is important to be able to talk about and ask for what you need and want.

What is couples therapy like?

You may be nervous about beginning a process like couples therapy. It makes total sense that it can be scary to share about the ins and outs of your relationship.

I work hard to make you feel safe and as comfortable as possible.

I will help you create a new, safer conversation. In relationship therapy, you'll break the stuck patterns. When you can see and be seen, and hear and be heard, repair is possible and closeness can return.


I work with all types of couples in all different types of relationships. I always aim to make you feel safe, welcome and heard.

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