Hello there. I’m Garen.

And I’m looking forward to meeting you.

I am a Marriage & Family Therapist Associate and provide psychotherapy to California couples & families.

My intention is to help you feel deeply connected in ways that make room for your love for one another, while also advocating for your needs, fears & desires.

Balancing Individual Growth & Deep Relationship Connection

My queerness in the context of a conservative, insular Middle Eastern culture provides me with a unique lens of living in community while advocating for my personal needs. Living in divergent cultures has helped me understand the very human need for individual freedom as well as a secure connection to another, and even to humanity-at-large.

In the past, I’ve made personal sacrifices and restricted my growth in order to maintain harmony in my relationships. In the process of doing so, I suffocated authentic aspects of myself, resulting in resentment, stagnation & dishonesty.

Where do we begin?

The decision to even consider couples counseling is a big first step. In the beginning, I will bring compassionate, non-judgemental curiosity, with the intention of passing on that level of compassion into the inquiry of where you’d like to go next. We will begin by slowing down and encouraging all of us to bring curiosity towards what is present in the room. There is power in this slowing down, as it allows our nervous systems to feel into the level of safety that’s necessary for facing vulnerability together. As our work progresses, I will gradually support you towards sharing more authentic parts with your partner.

How Can I Help?

I consider myself a facilitator, helping people build trust, awareness, & greater intimacy within relationships. I also pay close attention to the ways power & privilege play a role in your relationship. I'm naturally empathetic and attuned to those around me. I value my own curiosity, and I help foster the same curiosity in others to facilitate their self-awareness & self-acceptance.

I appreciate feedback and encourage you to take risks when you sense into the felt safety in our sessions.

My practice is LGBTQIA+ affirming, kink-conscious, and inclusive of polyamorous people. To learn more about working together, click here.

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