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Gay Men's Group

Are you looking to make more authentic and vulnerable connections with other gay men?

The goal of this ongoing and supportive weekly therapy group is to offer a safe place where you can be yourself and explore forming meaningful relationships with other gay men.

Connect with other men

Some of the issues that may come up in the group include loneliness, dealing with differences, conflict, vulnerability, sex, love and loss.

This is a weekly process group that will use the relationships in the group to help you explore and expand your own perspectives. 

For more information, please email Tom.

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Be Less Alone

You’ll feel less alone when you connect with a group of people wrestling with similar challenges.  The process of learning to breakthrough your own walls will open the door to trusting other people again.  Many areas of your life will look different once you establishing more authentic, honest and trusting relationships.

For more information about joining the group, please email Tom to schedule an intake interview.

Group Details

The group meets weekly and the fee is $65 per week.  It takes a lot of courage to open up and trust other people and it’s important for the structure of the group to have consistent attendance from all participants.  There will be two interview sessions required before starting group.  There is a 4 month minimum when you join the group, with the expectation that most people will stay longer.  

There is currently one group that meets:

Tuesdays 5:30-7pm

located in Hayes Valley

414 Gough St. Suite 3

San Francisco, CA

Group facilitated by
Tom Bruett, LMFT

For more information, please contact Tom through email or phone.

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