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Individual Therapy

By coming to know more about yourself through individual therapy, we can uncover what is getting in the way of you establishing more meaningful connections with other people.

Do you throw yourself into work and isolate on the weekends?

Relationship Problems

Maybe you’re in a relationship, but you still feel lonely and disconnected from other people.

Men's Issues

Perhaps you’ve tried therapy or counseling before and it wasn’t the right time or didn’t feel productive. You’re still looking to feel more connected and less lonely.

For many of us it can be hard to trust other people, especially if we’ve been hurt in the past.  It can be especially difficult for men to connect with their emotions in this way.


How can you learn to let people in?  Do you feel confident putting yourself out there?  Maybe you're overwhelmed in social situations or connecting with people in smaller groups.

Together we can work toward understanding your barriers to connection and helping you build the full life you crave.


Find More Connections And Support

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