Online Therapy

The current state of the world with COVID-19 has opened up many possibilities with online therapy.  No longer do you need to sit in traffic or wrestle with public transit to have safe, effective and personal individual or relationship support.  Now from your home in Sacramento, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Los Angeles or anywhere else in California we can work together through online therapy.

Online Therapy

While a small portion of my practice has always been online, with the onset of COVID-19 I've moved all of my sessions virtual with much success.  Thankfully, the technology has vastly improved in recent years.  In fact, most people who have transitioned with me to virtual therapy have commented on how the process has been easy and it's better than they expected.

Online Couples Therapy

If you're struggling with communication issues, connection or intimacy, chances are the pandemic has only made those things worse.  In my experience, online couples therapy can be very effective and there's no need to wait to get the process started.  To read more about the work I do with couples, please check out this page.

Online Individual Therapy

While it is certainly different than meeting in person, online individual therapy has many benefits.  If you're curious about the process, contact me for a video consultation so that you can judge for yourself whether it might be a fit for you.

Issues that can be addressed with online therapy

  • Anxiety
  • Body image concerns
  • Relationship problems
  • Loneliness
  • Risky behavior
  • Overuse of drugs or alcohol


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I think I'm ready to start, but I still have some questions or concerns...

I'm ready to get started, what happens next?

The first step is that we will set up a fifteen minute video consultation.  This way you can see what it will feel like to meet over video and start to get a sense for whether I'm the best person to help.  Next, we'll pick a regular time to meet and give it a few sessions to get a sense of whether it feels helpful or not.

How does video couples therapy work?

Typically, it works best if you and your partner can be in the same room and using the same devise to connect with me.  The most important part of couples work is helping you improve the way you work together.  It's easiest to do that when you're in the same room.  That being said, if for whatever reason you're not in the same place you can both be on separate devices in different locations.

I'm worried it will feel different to do therapy online.  Will it be as effective?

Technology has yet to find a way to totally replicate the experience of being with another person.  However, the quality has improved dramatically.  In addition, there are some benefits that come with being in the comfort and safety of your own home.  You may feel more comfortable sharing certain things and it will certainly make the commute easier.

I live outside of California or Colorado.  Can we still work together through online therapy?

Unfortunately, no.  Mental health licensing is done on a state by state basis.  That means I can only work with people who live somewhere in the state of California or Colorado.

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