Rekindle Intimacy

Couples therapy can help with intimacy issues.

Has your sex life cooled more than you’d like? Are you feeling less connected emotionally with your partner? Have you stopped having fun all together?

Making Up

Sometimes it can be hard for partners to make up after a fight or disagreement. Over time, resentment can build up and that can push you further and further apart. Disagreements are inevitable in relationships, however it’s crucial for the health of your relationship that you learn how to make up.

Feeling Safe

If you’re resenting your partner for not helping you with the laundry, it can be hard to feel safe and close. Many times, when partners can come together and support one another, their sex lives infinitely improve.  On the flip side, sometimes things can become "too safe" and all the excitement can dwindle.  Learning to strike the balance of safety and excitement can enliven your relationship and deepen your connection.

Being on the Same Team

Occasionally, partners can get stuck in the toxic dance of winning and losing. When you’re in a long-term relationship when one person loses, nobody wins! By coming to learn how to be on the same team, you can increase intimacy and feel closer than ever before.

Talking about Sex

Sometimes it’s challenging to talk about sex. It can be difficult to articulate your wants and needs in a way that is affirming for your partner. However, by learning to navigate the communication of challenging topics, you can feel more connected and less alone.

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