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what to expect from your first couples counseling session

What to expect your first couples counseling session

Most people don’t know what to expect from the first couples therapy session.  Starting couples counseling can be intimidating and knowing what to expect can help you and your partner manage expectations.  It will also help better prepare you for a successful experience. In order to explain what starting couples therapy is like, I will…

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Is it bad I never fight with my partner couples therapy san francisco 94102

Is it bad I never fight with my partner?

Is it bad we never fight?  Well, here’s my unsatisfying therapist answer, it depends. It depends on a couple of things.  First and foremost, do you or your partner avoid conflict because it’s uncomfortable? If so, then that could be bad for your relationship in the long run. Being able to talk about conflict in…

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Having healing conversations couples therapy san francisco 94102

How to have a healing conversation after a fight with your partner

Every couple fights.  Period. End of sentence.  If you’re not disagreeing from time to time, your relationship is probably not as alive as it could be.  But that’s a topic for another day. The trouble most couples get into is not the fight itself, it’s the repair.   What is a repair? Picture this.  You…

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relationship communication problems

How to address communication problems in your relationship

When people call to seek couples counseling, they often say that communication problems are their number one concern. Communication problems can mean a variety of different things and we’ll explore a few common types here. Typically, a communication breakdown is one of two things. You and your partner have stopped talking about important things all…

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signs your relationship is toxic

What are the signs my relationship is toxic and unhealthy?

A toxic relationship can have severe negative effects on your physical and mental health.  If you’re in a relationship and struggling, that can be scary and overwhelming.  There is hope and you can make changes that will make a difference in your life. What is a toxic relationship? We’ve all heard people comment about relationship…

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