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Rebuilding Trust after betrayal, couples counseling for gay men San Francisco, CA 94012

Healing betrayal and rebuilding trust in your relationship

When there has been a betrayal in your relationship, it can take hard work and time to rebuild trust.  You may even be questioning if you want to rebuild trust and forgive. Let’s slow it down and explore this topic in more detail. What is a betrayal? Simply put, betrayal is the breaking of trust.…

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build intimacy in gay relationships

How to build intimacy in gay relationships

Intimacy doesn’t have to decrease over time.  In fact, if you’re in a long-term gay relationship, a decrease in intimacy could be a symptom of a larger issue.  While sex and intimacy are often used interchangeably, that’s not what I aim to do here. Let’s start by clarifying what I mean by intimacy. What is…

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date night ideas gay parents

3 date night ideas for gay parents

Date night ideas for gay parents can be hard to come by.  However, a study conducted by SFSU found that gay parents suffer the relationship stress like decreased intimacy, after they have children. The study Across the nation, 1 in 5 gay male couples have children. Raising children seems to have little effect on whether…

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