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Improve your self-esteem as a gay man in San Francisco, therapy for gay men 94102

How to improve your self-esteem as a gay man

Many people struggle with self-esteem issues, especially those of us in the LGBTQ community.  That’s a generalization, of course, however there are mental health statistics that back up our struggle. As Andrew Tobias pointed out in his memoir The Best Little Boy in the World and Alan Downs explored in The Velvet Rage, being gay…

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how to make gay friends in san francisco

How to make gay friends in San Francisco

Are you looking to make gay friends in San Francisco? Picture this. You’re feeling lonely so you decide to head out to a gay bar in the Castro by yourself. You walk in, get a drink and instantly it feels like the entire bar is silently judging you. Have you been there? I have. It…

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grindr dating

Grindr Dating Help from Attachment Research

Grindr dating can be a challenging task.  Learning more about your attachment style can help you navigate the turbulent landscape of the gay dating world. What is Attachment? Attachment theory is the study of how intimate partners deal with relationship distress. For example, if your partner says something hurtful, how do they try and repair…

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