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healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Healing from spiritual abuse as an LGBTQ+ person

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have conflicted relationships with religion and spirituality.    Sadly, religion is still far to often used against us. Scriptures are interpreted as saying our “lifestyle choices” are sinful.  Around the world people are still being killed and tortured because of their sexual or gender identity. Yet many of us…

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gay men substance use San Francisco 94102

As a gay man, how can I change my substance use?

If you’re a gay man wanting to change your relationship with substances, there are many different resources available for you in San Francisco. There are programs based on moderation and others based on abstinence. It can be useful to first clarify what your unique goal is for changing your substance use. What substances am I…

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grindr dating

Grindr Dating Help from Attachment Research

Grindr dating can be a challenging task.  Learning more about your attachment style can help you navigate the turbulent landscape of the gay dating world. What is Attachment? Attachment theory is the study of how intimate partners deal with relationship distress. For example, if your partner says something hurtful, how do they try and repair…

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