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looking after your mental health as an HIV+ gay man

Looking after your mental health as a gay man living with HIV

The HIV/AID epidemic wiped out an entire generation of gay, bisexual and transgender men and women in the 80s and 90s.  Today, while becoming HIV+ can still be a traumatic event in a person’s life, it no longer has to be a death sentence.  HIV treatment has improved and there are less drug side effects.…

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Being gay affect mental health

How does being gay affect your mental health?

Being gay affects our mental health in a variety of ways.  Even if you had a Hallmark worthy coming out experience, were never bullied for your sexuality and have a supportive family, being gay is still hard.   Statistics Queer teens are four times as likely to commit suicide as their non-queer counterparts.  The rates…

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therapy gay and sober

How can therapy be useful when you’re gay and sober?

Getting sober is a huge accomplishment. You’ve changed your relationship with drugs and alcohol and that will change your life in big and meaningful ways. However, the hard work doesn’t end once you’re sober. We often chose substance use as a way to self-medicate or cope with difficult life events. When changing your problematic substance…

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reasons gay men seek therapy

Top 10 reasons gay men seek therapy

There are a variety of different reasons gay men seek therapy. From relationship distress to self-improvement, there is no right or wrong reason to seek extra support. Find a therapist who empowers you I recommend working with a gay therapist, however it’s more important that you find a therapist who empowers you. You deserve someone…

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