Affirmative Therapy for Gay Men

Being gay is awesome.  It's also probably not the only thing about you that's important.

Why work with a gay therapist?

You want your therapist to get you.  You don't want to have to describe the difference between Grindr and Scruff.

It's hard enough dealing with depression, anxiety or relationship stress without the added fear of being misunderstood.

Granted, just because we share a sexual orientation doesn't mean I'll understand everything about you.

From my office in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, you'll experience someone who is curious to know more about you and what your experience has been like.

Being open and authentic

Often people will come in and say that they weren't fully open with previous therapists about their sex lives, substance use or something else related to their sexuality.

Let's change that.

therapy for gay men san francisco Tom Bruett

I'm more than just my sexuality

Of course you are.  However, there are some issues and concerns that are unique to our community.

Issues the come up for gay men in therapy

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Therapy for gay men in San Francisco

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