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Do you want to feel more
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Individual, Group and Couples Therapy in San Francisco, CA

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Individual Therapy

By coming to know more about yourself through individual therapy, we can uncover what is getting in the way of you establishing more meaningful connections with other people.

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Relationship Counseling

Are you having trouble communicating? Do you feel lonely and isolated in your partnership?  I’m here to help you have the relationship you crave.

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Addiction Therapy

Do you depend on something to help you escape the stressful or tedious aspects of day to day living? Have your relationships suffered as a result? Perhaps you’re looking for more control over your own life.

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LGBT Therapy

Do you want to feel safe and understood?  Are you looking for a welcoming environment to explore the roadblocks that are getting in your way?  Perhaps you want more honest and meaningful relationships with others and yourself.

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Tom Bruett, Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (89363)
Supervised by Roger Lake, MFT (17914)

Hi, I'm Tom

I help people become more connected, open and reinvigorated in life.

Is there something that isn’t working in your life? Are you as connected or fulfilled as you’d like to be? Do you feel guarded or closed off from the world?

With more support you can be more present and courageous in your life.


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